Connectivity is the service that keeps your Employees always connected and hence, helps your business grow. Depending on your needs, we can help you choose the bandwidth, the type of connectivity whether dedicated, private or shared and the design that best suits your network, your needs and your requirements.

Connectivity Services

  • Advanced Connectivity(SD-WAN)

    SDWAN ties all WAN components together to work towards a common goal, and runs your entire network more intelligently and efficiently,completely automated!SDWAN guarantee optimal application performance, ensures that sensitive data is separated from untrusted traffic, which guarantee extremely high levels of security.

  • Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN)

    You can now establish seamless VPN connections joining all your branches and employees through our infrastructure. Our MPLS-based VPN solution, delivers the scalability with the security and reliability, enabling all customers to have a shared experience and have access to all data and applications available.

  • Direct Internet Access (DIA)

    Our dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution can guarantee you a business-class connection that’s stable every minute of the day. Our solution delivers high-speed dedicated internet access so you can maintain performance, security and reliability across your sites

  • International Connectivity

    Corporates are now expanding their business internationally removing borders and so it has become a mandate to connect their variously located sites and here comes Vodafone’s International IP-VPN. Vodafone’s International IP-VPN services enable users to securely exchange data and access application from any of a corporate’s international sites and this is powered by Vodafone’s highly resilient and scalable MPLS network..

  • VDSL

    All businesses need a strong internet connection to survive in today’s world. As businesses need high upload and download speeds in order to share files/data instantly and to access the internet rapidly. VDSL is a type of broadband that facilitate these requirements for businesses.

  • Cyber Security Anti-DDoS

    Several types of cyber threats can attack businesses for specific damage, each are approached or resolved differently.. “Distributed Denial of Service” is a type of cyberattack that prevents users from accessing a system for a period of time by flooding the system with ‘fake’ requests which makes the system unable to distinguish between real and fake traffic. We at Vodafone are keeping business platforms running and protected against these types of attacks through our system, securing business networks against DDOS attacks