The internet of things connects ‘things’ to the internet, transforming them into Intelligent Devices that exchange Real Time Information and open up a range of opportunities for how businesses are Run, how they Grow and how they keep customers Happy.

IOT Services

  • IOT Connectivity

    IOT connectivity service provides quick and easy connectivity for mobile payment terminals over secure dedicated APNs making use of Vodafone’s reliable wireless connectivity to facilitate payment for products or services anywhere and anytime. Also, it will help you to gain vast data insights into your operations to be able to monitor and analyse existing business and will allow foresight for future needs anticipation.

  • Ready Security

    Ready Security cameras from Vodafone will allow your business to be always secure and you will be able to monitor it anytime and from anywhere using your mobile free application.

  • Fleet

    Fleet Management solution, in cooperation with ETIT company, is offering real-time tracking services for your vehicles anywhere & anytime.