Vodafone Cloud provides enterprise customers with reliable, safe and secure business continuity plans. IT managers can depend on Vodafone Cloud's Backup and Restoration solutions with seamless recovery processes for data and workloads.

Backup Benefits

  • Automated backups

    Make a copy for automated backups.

  • User-friendly

    With the Cloud Backup service, creating, scheduling and restoring backups could not be simpler: all operations and configurations are managed through one graphical user interface

  • Scheduling

    Backups can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly basis, or at specific times, and stored in our data centers with protected and exclusive access to you.

  • Diversified & Versatile

    Backups can be created and managed by you, and support Backup for Virtual Machine on cloud, databases, and SaaS Apps (Emails, Office365).

  • No upfront investments

    No setup or license costs use the backup services with no worries about implementation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.

  • Scalable Storage

    We are providing a scalable storage option based on your backup policy and retention requirements.

Three reasons for choosing our cloud and hosting services

  • Ease of Use and Best Support

    Vodafone offers simple cloud portals to manage your cloud business, in addition to world class support, SLAs to ensure your business availability, and cloud professionals with premium support 24/7/365.

  • Secure & End to End Services

    Broad choice of clouds and managed hosting services, running in an ISO 27017 and ISO 27001 compliant cloud and a Resilient Tier III data centre.

  • Global Experience and Local Presence

    Bringing the best of cloud world based on Vodafone global services and partnerships at your hand hosted in Egypt, also we are the Only Verified VMware Cloud Provider in Egypt.


Because information availability and security are increasingly critical to meet strategic business objectives, you require faster and more cost-effective solutions which are offered by Vodafone to protect and manage your data.