Vodafone secures the traffic for Vodafone enterprises hosting on Vodafone Cloud, via visibility and protection against potential threats. Vodafone leverages the best products to analyze the full network flow, data provisioning, holistic traffic & security visibility to detect and stop active threats. Vodafone Anti DDOS solutions, can stop and is also immune to all threats against availability.

Anti-DDoS Benefits

  • Minimize Business Risk

    Reduce downtime with a DDoS mitigation solution that can deflect and absorb the largest DDoS attacks.

  • Performance

    Maintain web site and application performance throughout attacks.

  • Zero-Day Attacks

    Protect against new and evolving threats.

Three reasons for choosing our cloud and hosting services

  • Ease of Use and Best Support

    Vodafone offers simple cloud portals to manage your cloud business, in addition to world class support, SLAs to ensure your business availability, and cloud professionals with premium support 24/7/365.

  • Secure & End to End Services

    Broad choice of clouds and managed hosting services, running in an ISO 27017 and ISO 27001 compliant cloud and a Resilient Tier III data centre.

  • Global Experience and Local Presence

    Bringing the best of cloud world based on Vodafone global services and partnerships at your hand hosted in Egypt, also we are the Only Verified VMware Cloud Provider in Egypt.


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the most menacing and expensive digital threats to businesses today, protect yourself now.