Vodafone Virtual Private Cloud Service enables you to allocate a resource pool of computing resources ( virtual Cores, virtual RAM, virtual Storage, virtual Network) and provision as much you need from VM’s logically isolated, configurable, and manageable using Vodafone cloud portal, improving the security of resources in the cloud by adding Firewall, VPN, and simplifying network deployment and enable Load balancing services.


VPC Benefits

  • Automation

    Provision virtual cloud resources in minutes after you configure your workload and finish your customizations.

  • Portal

    With our cloud portal you can request, access, manage, terminate your virtual private cloud.

  • Flexible

    Full configurable resources and advanced security services to match your workload.

  • Top Technology

    Cloud services powered by VMware; the leading cloud technology Vendor to assure the best in class service delivery to our customers.

  • Security

    We are very sensitive when it comes to security, that’s why our cloud security is continuously ensured by continuous scans, we apply the best multi-layer security controls, and follow the security technology vendors’ security best practices

  • Best Support

    Continuing to deliver the best customer experience, we are providing different support plans to fit your business needs, ranging from shared pool of technical professionals to a dedicated managed team.