Service Features

  1. Message Sender ID: Your company’s name will appear to the SMS receivers instead of the phone number:
    Example: “From: MYCOMPANY” “instead of: 010xxxxxxx” 
  2. Message Length: You can send one SMS or long Message (more than one segmented SMS in one message):
    • Length of one SMS includes up to 160 English characters or 70 Arabic characters.
    • Length of long message equal total length of segmented SMSs. Each one segmented SMS includes up to 153 English characters or 67 Arabic characters
  3. Manage campaign: Create, update, pause/resume & delete the campaign.
  4. Schedule Campaigns: Sending the campaign automatically based on the chosen date and it will be repeated based on the frequency rate.
    • Once
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  5. Templates: Create & Save new templates.
  6. Delivery reports: The customer will be able to view the below data.
    • Campaign status
    • Campaign history
    • Progress bar with percentage for each campaign
    • Monthly Consumed Quota history VS remaining Quota
    • Export report with the below data
      • Campaign Name
      • Creation Date
      • Start Date
      • End Sending Time
      • Campaign Status
      • Number of Recipients
      • Number of SMSs
      • Number of sent SMSs
      • Number of Failed SMSs
  7. Contact List:
    • Add new list
      • Import from existing file (XLSV, XLS, CSV)
      • Import from another created list
      • Blank list (insert mobile number manually)
    • Update, save & delete list
Terms & conditions:
  • Service fees are tax exclusive.
  • For Yearly and One-Off bundles: Service fees are paid in advance after service activation.
  • For Monthly and PAYG: Monthly service fees are paid on monthly bill after service activation.
  • For Monthly bundles: 1 month carry over is allowed.
  • 24/7 technical support available via:
    • Email:
    • Call 5080 – From any Vodafone number or 01020001111